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What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Chipped or deteriorating teeth are often addressed utilizing a tooth-colored filling or a different type of restoration if they are discovered and dealt with in a timely manner. However, when the bacteria extends to the core of the tooth (also called the pulp), root canal therapy is sometimes needed to restore dental function and prevent the tooth from needing to be removed. A root canal is an endodontic therapy performed at Dlight Dental to remove contaminated inner tooth tissue and strengthen the affected tooth to improve dental health. If you have a significantly decayed or infected tooth, contact our Rockville, MD or Washington, D.C. office to discover the perks of root canal therapy.

What Is the Root Canal Process?

At our Rockville, MD and Washington, D.C. offices, root canals are carried out using local anesthesia that is typically paired with additional sedation methods to boost your comfort throughout the procedure. Once the tooth has lost feeling, a cover is placed to shield your other mouth structures. The diseased region will then be exposed via a small hole made in the upper part of the tooth. The pulp, which consists of the neural tissue and blood storage for every tooth, will be taken out and the region will be reshaped using professional endodontic tools prior to being fully cleaned. A board-certified specialist from our team can then seal the affected tooth and finish it off with a sedative filling to kick off the recovery process.

As always, visiting my dentists at DLight Dental is a pleasure and assuring. They are so friendly and care of my preference. Thanks guys. Josea

J.R. Google

Doctor Kwon and the hygienist are very nice and they have superb skills. The condion of my teeth has improved a lot and I appreciate them so much.

D.L. Google

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a ‘grinder;’ I grind my teeth during the day and also at night. While my teeth were straight and have healthy roots, my grinding had eroded and they were beginning to crack. My lower front teeth—the most visible in my smile—were nearly gone. I was ashamed of my teeth. Over an 8-month period, Dr. Valle-Cintron was a constant in a series of visits during which I had a full restoration of my teeth. He always took the time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions and explain what he was doing. The doctor and his assistants always made a high priority of maintaining my comfort—and the quality of their work and their professionalism are commendable. The friendly and efficient staff was always helpful and accommodating. The periodontist, who performed my bone graft and placed an implant where I’d had an extraction prior to my first visit, has her practice in the same office—truly convenient. After Dr. Valle-Cintron installed the permanent upper crowns, I realized I wanted the brightest white for my teeth and had made the wrong color choice. Dr. Valle replaced the crowns at no charge—a noble effort on his part for which I am most grateful. I’m very happy with my result. Dr. Valle-Cintron is intelligent and articulate. He’s a highly skilled cosmetic dentist who makes his patient feel comfortable and does a really good job of explaining the treatment process. His prices are fair and reasonable. He’s patient, pleasant and easy to be around. I have a new smile. I no longer feel like hiding my teeth while talking. It’s definitely given me more self-confidence.

TH Office Visit

The practice’s periodontist has magic in her hands. I have had so many procedures done (bone grafts, augmentation, implants, etc.) over the last two years, and I never needed to take a painkiller after the procedures. I was able to heal very quickly with very little pain. She’s very friendly, explains the procedure well and puts you at ease. She always has a sunny disposition, and she even provided me with her mobile number once so I could get in touch if needed during the weekend. Luckily, I never had to! Dr. Kwon was responsible for my crown. From my first experience with him, I loved how he explained the whole procedure and was extremely through and gentle during the procedure. He took the time to explain the aftercare and followed up, too. Great care overall! The staff is also extremely friendly and very responsive. Check-in and check-out are quick and easy. They work closely with your insurance, payment plan, etc., and they are quite upfront about the costs so you can plan better.

SB Office Visit

It’s a very pleasant office to come into. Everyone is friendly and greets you. The dentistry is top quality. They explain all charges and what your insurance coverage pays—makes it easy. It’s a clean facility, and everyone is very professional with great communication. I feel comfortable there. Now, I have a better smile and no pain.

MK Office Visit


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Broken and infected teeth could cause a large number of oral and general wellness issues if neglected or left untreated. However, thanks to new discoveries in today's dental industry, a root canal at Dlight Dental could be an efficient solution to rescue your tooth, and ultimately, your smile. Reach out to our office in Washington, D.C. or Rockville, MD to plan an appointment with a board-certified specialist from our team to hear more about our methods for root canal therapy.

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