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What Is Invisalign Treatment?

Straight, properly aligned teeth not only offer an attractive smile, but they also are easier to keep clean. Oral health concerns (like crowded teeth or an uneven bite) could also result in further health issues that might impact your eating and speaking abilities, and they can be costlier to repair. To help adults and teenagers in Washington, D.C. and Rockville, MD experience the rewards of a beautiful, healthy grin, our team is thrilled to offer Invisalign treatment. The Invisalign system straightens teeth using a sequence of clear, removable aligner trays, which provides a less obvious appearance and a simple option over traditional metal braces. Determine if Invisalign aligners are ideal for your oral health goals by setting up a private consultation at Dlight Dental.

What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign Treatment?

Here at Dlight Dental, we encourage our patients who are considering Invisalign clear aligners to remember the following benefits that their treatment can yield:

  • Increased confidence in your smile and overall appearance
  • Customizable solution for crooked, misaligned teeth and bite styles
  • Quick, painless aligners that blend into your everyday life
  • Sanitary alternative to traditional braces and aligners

How Do Invisalign Aligners Work?

Invisalign clear aligners work through a sequence of transparent removable mouth trays that steadily shift your teeth into a straighter position. To start your orthodontic care, our staff at Dlight Dental will take impressions of your lower and upper arches, which will be sent to the designated laboratory where your unique removable aligners will be crafted. After your aligner trays arrive at our office, we will ask you to return to receive your first pair and go over instructions on how to wear them. These Invisalign trays must be worn in your mouth for 20 – 22 hours each day and only taken out just before brushing and flossing your teeth, eating, or drinking. Every 1 – 2 weeks, you will change out your current pair of aligners for the next in succession.

Dr. Valle-Cintron is an excellent dentist. He takes the time to explain every procedure he does. He also does the cleanings himself. Little to no wait time and staff is very friendly. I am currently doing Invisalign and will be a loyal patient from now on. He is a professional and I would recommend Dr. Valle-Cintron to everyone. He is the best dentist I have ever had. He also speaks Spanish.

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Reveal an Attractive, Confident Smile

Address overcrowded teeth and fix a misaligned bite with Invisalign treatment. These clear teeth aligner trays from Dlight Dental steadily reposition teeth to enhance your smile and oral function. Set up your private consultation at our Washington, D.C. or Rockville, MD dental practice to find out more about the benefits of Invisalign treatment.

Should I Get Invisalign Aligners?

Patients who are interested in a more discreet alternative to metal braces can be prime candidates for Invisalign teeth aligners. Invisalign treatment can be suitable for fixing misaligned teeth (an underbite, open bite, overbite, or crossbite), a narrow dental arch, crooked or overcrowded teeth, or spaces between teeth. Addressing such problems may allow for enhanced comfort, jaw function, and speaking and eating abilities. Clear teeth aligners are simple to remove from the mouth, allowing Rockville, MA patients to savor their favorite foods without dietary limitations and care for their teeth without wires and brackets standing in the way. During your appointment at Dlight Dental, a team member will take radiographs and then provide an exam to help determine if Invisalign clear aligners are an ideal choice for your needs.

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What to Expect After Invisalign Treatment

The duration of Invisalign treatment will vary depending on the complexity of your case, but most patients achieve their ideal results in about 12 – 24 months. Once the straightening process is done, patients can preserve their outcomes by wearing a set of custom Vivera® retainers. These retainers are made of a comfortable, transparent material and should be worn for a certain amount of time each day to keep your teeth in their new positions. Our trained team at Dlight Dental will provide instructions on how to properly care for your retainers and maintain your straight smile for years to come.

Is Invisalign covered by dental insurance?

Invisalign orthodontics might be partially covered under a number of dental insurance plans. Prior to beginning treatment, one of our financial coordinators will take a look at your plan details and let you know about any outstanding orthodontic costs. Dlight Dental accepts a wide selection of payment options, including easy payment plans and low-interest medical financing, to make orthodontic treatment more convenient and affordable for residents of Rockville, MA.

Is Invisalign better than braces?

This depends entirely on the current alignment of your teeth. Braces will likely work better for more severe alignment issues and, in some cases, can be more affordable. However, those with more moderate alignment problems may prefer the less visible, more comfortable option of Invisalign.

Is Invisalign painful?

Compared to braces, Invisalign is essentially painfree. Most people take about a week to become accustomed to wearing Invisalign, as well as the gradual tooth shifting it causes, but this minor and will quickly be forgotten.

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